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The Criminal Justice Reform Project focuses primarily on issues of importance to community members related to law enforcement abuse of power, education and training programs to improve understanding of legal rights, including the right to freedom of speech and the right to peacefully protest for rights. 

  • George Floyd Initiative. Since the deaths of Ahmaud Ahbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the NFC has developed an on going program to address issues specific to the value of Black life by coordinating community events designed to open spaces for conversations about race, racism, white privilege, law enforcement abuse of power  and civilian acts of hatred also resulting in injury or death.

  • Criminal Justice Roundtable. The Criminal Justice Roundtable is a space provided monthly for community members to sit around the table to share and discuss issues of concern including ways to move concerns into citizen action to shape and inform public policy.  The Criminal Justice Roundtable meets the third Thursday, 6 pm monthly unless otherwise determined.

  • Public Policy Initiative. The NFC Public Policy Committee addresses public policy issues directly related to criminal justice reform specific to abuses of power and authority throughout the criminal justice system through research and analysis, advocacy, and community engagement. The Public Policy Committee meets monthly to address community policy concerns.

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